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Training & Access

  • Genetics users will be trained by Ian
  • External users will be trained by Martin
  • Authorised advanced users can use the equipment unsupervised, but will need
  • External users without visitor status in Genetics must be supervised by Martin

Data storage

  • Genetics users should store their data on the Genetics networked file server
  • A limited volume of networked storage will be made available for external users. Beyond this space can be rented from Genetics IT


  • The O'Kane lab has a small quantity of Abberior STED dyes


  • Maintenance will only be performed by Ian or Martin
  • The depletion beams will be aligned on days where users have bookings, based on which microscope body will be used
  • The excitation beams will be checked weekly, and aligned when necessary
  • Calibration Slides
    • Dragon green 40nm
    • 4 colour "tetraspec" 100nm: For STED alignment, bleaches quickly with 595nm laser.
    • Gold 150nm: for confocal alignment
    • Crimson 40nm