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There is low frequency vibration causing displacement of ~20nm on the image. This appears to be being picked by the lid of the optics box. Possible sources include the BMS panel in the room and the new -80 freezer in the LN2 room. This comes from a cooling fan related to the anti-frost heater controls on the BMS panel. These can be turned off during daytime if they cause a problem.

Possible rotator problem on 595 STED laser

Sometimes the MRS_595 device does not communicate properly. This leads to problems with STED with this laser, especially in 3D.

Yesterday afternoon I was trying to reproduce the issue with the 595 rotator (MRS_595) but I wasn´t able to. Whenever the problem occurs just let us know by either writing an email [email redacted] or you can directly call and ask for Tim Grotjohann or Markus Köhler. When the system is in the error condition it would help if we could connect via TeamViewer then.

Some defaults can cause the safety shutter to close

> There was another small issue that came up once yesterday (and not reproducible) when Martin was also in the room: when you start Imspector and you create a new measurement it uses a default set of parameters. When I wanted to start the measurement a notification came up saying the safety shutter is closed. For an unknown reason the default obviously changed in a way that when the measurement started, the microscope body changed the beam path slider to the eyepiece position causing the safety shutter to be closed. If you see the problem again follow the following fast and easy procedure: In the Olympus TPC press on the “Scan” pre-set. Open the live dialog “IX83” and press “use current settings in measurement”. Then click on “measurement” (toolbar) -> “make settings default”. Please let us know if the problem comes back regularly.

Switching between frame and Imspector causes shutter to be closed

When switching from widefield fluorescence (with LED and eye piece) to scanning mode the measurement would not start, due to an error. I got the error repeatedly and tried restarting software/restarting microscope/different templates/starting without template/etc.

> I somehow could get it to work by switching back and forth between fluorescence and scanning, closing and open the fluorescence shutter on the frame, starting a new measurement in random order. At some point it would work but I can not tell you exactly what cleared the error then.

~~I'm fairly sure this is a problem with the electrical interface between the shutter and the equipment. I have yet to apply a voltmeter though. @icc20 ~~